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Caridad Presidente

February 3, 2008
Caridad Presidente
"Good Everyday but Humidor it first!"
I bought these on sale at less than 0.50/stick. I like stronger tasting cigars and wanted a lighter one for my humidor. Smoked one right out of the bundle and it tasted like pure cedar -yuck! I threw 'em in the humidor for a few weeks and what a difference. They burn for more than an hour and the taste improved to a mild decent smoke. I wouldn't buy them for more than a buck a stick, though. Too mild and woodsy for me.

Zoombeezie in Oregon
November 18, 2007
Caridad Torpedo
"Caridad Torpedos"
Just bought another 3 bundles on sale. Had them before and they are really not bad for a everyday cigar, especially when you consider what else can you get for the same price.

Leonard in San Diego, California
October 31, 2007
Caridad Presidente
"Worth it!"
I recently bought another bundle of the Caridad Presidentes because of the unusually low price. Wanting to confirm my choice, I took one from the previous bundle (same lot according to date on the bottom) and smoked it while doing yard work. It will NOT win a beauty contest. Do NOT expect this cigar or any cigar to taste very good on the relight, even if you dig out the ash with the butt of a wooden match. Having said that, the Caridad begins a little harsh when you first get it going, then it settles down to a very pleasant smoke with real old-fashioned tobacco taste (no vanilla notes, hazelnut flavor, etc. not that there's anything wrong with that!) I've enjoyed them. Even if you only smoke half of it, you've gotten your money's worth. I don't work for Famous, but I like fairness, so I feel a need to correct a previous post from 2001, regarding the return policy and tasting the cigars. It took me awhile to find it, but if you click on "help" on the new home page, it has the guarantee policy and the number of cigars one can smoke depending on the size of the bundle/box, before returning without paying a penalty. It's very fair. Obviously one shouldn't abuse the policy, we want Famous to stay afloat and continue to bring us faboulous deals, but it's there in case you are not satisfied. On the rare occasion I've had to return cigars, I've had no problem. They stand by their word, which is one reason I like the cigar industry more than most others ... honestly offering a real handmade product - often family run, employing many, with care given to cultivating, curing, aging and handcrafting an enjoyable, usable item, with interesting art in the labeling and boxing ... and for some items ... at an affordable price. I remember getting a bundle of no name inexpensive cigars for 20 bucks in the late 80's and thinking it was a good deal ... and there are deals still in that range! Amazing. So don't forget to write/E-mail/phone your Congress person SOON about upholding the Presidente's veto on a bloated SCHIP bill which targets this one industry with a huge business crippling tax in order to fund the excess. Please let your voice be heard. Children's health care is important, but truly needy poor children can have their health care needs taken care of in a more equitable way.

S.P. in Northern VA
October 18, 2007
Caridad Torpedo

john in florida
June 2, 2007
Caridad Torpedo
"This cigar is actually pretty decent"
This cigar is actually pretty decent. I grabbed two bundles at $ 9.95 each on an email special; I found they were very enjoyable, full of flavor with a surprisingly long lasting consistent burn. The Caridad is more than slightly above the average lawn mower/every day low cost bundle cigar in quality. They were a steal at $9.95 for 25!!

Joe D Jr in Meriden, CT
June 2, 2007
Caridad Torpedo
"Decent lawnmowing cigar"
Just got a bundle from the one day special. Had to mow the grass in a light rain. Maybe that humidified the cigar just right; because it burned and smoked just fine - though the first bit after lighting was harsh, after that it settled down and was mild and smooth. No unraveling,etc. Did not smoke it down to the nub, quit before the ring. The reason I'm writing is that (while at the computer) two hours after smoking it (frequently irrigated my mouth, drinking water along with it), I noticed that the aftertaste in my mouth is pleasant. Which is a good sign of a decent lawnmowing cigar.

S.P. in Northern Virginia
April 14, 2007
Caridad Lonsdale
"OK for the money"
They're inconsistent, but can be good. Leave them in the humidor for while first. They burn unevenly and can die out pretty quick. Good to give to people who don't know what they're smoking.

April 11, 2007
Caridad Presidente
"very good"
I really like these! To me, they're loaded with rich flavor that lasts long after you smoke one. So good I don't want to drink or eat anything afterwards because I've got that great complex taste from these which I really enjoy. Every one is different, but I really like these a lot.

Eugene Rosinski in nj
February 15, 2007
Caridad Lonsdale
"Construction sucks"
These things fall apart in your mouth. If you like spitting out tobacco you might enjoy these. They are mild so that is as advertized. They're cheap, they should be, what else can I say!!

Waconda in San diego
February 8, 2007
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