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CAO Pilon Gigante
Great balance and quality

Ronin Graham
December 21, 2022
CAO Pilon Churchill
"Last cigar in a 40 stick sampler wins."
I have smoked many cigars over many years. I read about them in reviews and ratings and rarely find other s opinions to match what I experience from the brands. The Pilon is the first exception. Very good was the draw, and burn with a bit of canoeing that worked itself out instead of getting the snips out for a fix up, but he biggest deal about this cigar was the flavors. For the first time I could taste what so many reviews claim you may taste. I did not need a guide to tell me what I m tasting. There was the toast, cedar, a few sweet puffs, nuts, and nutmeg, coffee...and a tad of vanilla. These flavors would come and go as the cigar burned to a nub that was not bitter at all. Not bitter and a good burn are the two most important thing for me. I have not been too picky about flavors...till now, Took over 50 years to find the CAO Pilon so I m hoping a box purchase of these tasty cigars will prove they are consistent. Price point is good at $6.50 ea. This paying $25.00 for one cigar at a shop only to have it be so bitter you can hardly smoke it is over the top frustrating and I believe it is in the realm of scam like wearing a bad shirt just to show off the logo on it. I ve had one Pilon so far. It was cigar no. 40 the last one out of couple of samplers I bought and is the winner. I had let them all sit in a controlled humidor for six months. This did seem to make a big positive difference that smoking one right off the truck which can be asking for failure. I see COA Pilon gets a consistent 90 from Aficionado. It definitely tore the pants off the touted Oliva V Milano in smokability and flavor. CAO Brazil has been a runner up so I may have found my goto brand which was Oliva of all types but they lost their high place lately with that last box of the praised V Milano Figurado being a huge disappointment. I find the simple Caine better than V s.

James Boycein USA
December 5, 2021
CAO Pilon Toro
"Pilon Toro"
My first cigar ever was very nice, took slow timing had no problem keeping it lit to end with a one inch ash. Will buy more.

Rob Ain Pennsylvania
November 9, 2021
CAO Pilon Gigante
"Very Mild"
I will never buy this cigar again, however I love CAO but this one was too mild!!!

Corey Jin Baltimore
August 23, 2019
CAO Pilon Robusto Extra
"Looks better than it smokes"
I’ve had many cigars from CAO, and this one doesn’t do the brand any justice. I must have spent all the fuel in my table top lighter trying to keep it lit. It looks great, but I got no satisfaction since I had to continually re-light it. I bought 10 of these and I will try one more before sending them back.

Rick Paezin Key Largo
September 28, 2018
CAO Pilon Robusto Extra
"CAO does it again"
I trust CAO to make good cigars. This Pilon is a new brand to me so I bought a box of robusto size and am writing this review after smoking nearly all of them. I found them to be mild with a nice consistent burn. The oily brown wrapper didn t overpower the cigar and kept it mild. I noticed some reviews gave it a more bolder taste. The box I had was definitely mild but in a good way. Good cigar to enjoy alone, with others or with a beverage with flavor that you want to enjoy. Keep them under $100 and I ll smoke them again.

David Kin Cardiff by the Sea
September 25, 2018
CAO Pilon Toro
"Terrible draw/burn"
I ordered a 5 pack of these don t remember if it was from FS or not and they might be one of the worst cigars I ve ever bought. Flavor is good, however, there was something wrong with the construction same on 3 of the 5 - the other 2 I just threw out . Lights fine, but then it needs to be puffed on every 15-30 seconds to keep lit. Also, produces NO smoke at all unless you literally puff 10 times on it each time.... by the time I was done, I felt like I had been through a medical procedure.

Tomin PA
March 16, 2018
CAO Pilon Corona
"CAO Pilon"
Pilon from CAO should be a solid 90 for my taste....excellent notes of multiple flavors all the way to the end...can t beat them for the price!

Walter Mabein NC
September 18, 2017
CAO Pilon Robusto Extra
This is PURE JOY! My goodness what a cigar, CAO has never let me down. Before lighting this it smells so sweet and then after lighting it it is sweet nectar, slightly spicy in the middle then back comes the sweetness at the end. Perfect burn, draw and goes right to the nub. Must try if this is your style. When people say I could eat that stick this is one of them!

Glenin Toronto
February 17, 2016
CAO Pilon Corona
"I m Not Impressed"
Coronas are my favorite and I like General Cigar, so I was excited about trying these and I really wanted to like them. This cigar looks and smells good cold, but after I lit it everything went downhill. The smoke was extremely bitter and not very flavorful. The aroma was unremarkable, and even though it s only a 44 ring gauge, it burned very unevenly. The wrapper also cracked while I was smoking it. They could ve been too wet, so I m going to try to air them out for a few days before smoking. Maybe that will relieve some of the bitterness and improve the burn, but I would not buy these again. If you want a good corona, try a Punch Café Royale or Punch Deluxe Royal Coronation.

Mike Queens
October 23, 2015
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